Friendly Tax Services

The most effective way to stay away from tax problems is by filing accurate and timely tax returns. That is our strategy at Dave's Bookkeeping & Tax Services, & you'll find a number of actions we do here to fulfill that objective. Every attempt is made by us to stay away from the requirement to file tax extensions stalling the tax return preparation. We prioritize completing the return when others would simply file an extension & file the return at a later time.

When we cannot avoid the extension, we work together with you to produce a precise estimation of fees owed, which means you are able to pay promptly and also stay away from penalties and interest. We will work with you to prepare the answer to questions in place concerning a brand new endeavor or maybe a change in the status of employment. We enable you to figure out what forms you need to submit to the IRS so that they have the right details regarding your status and to ensure that you actually established your new entity under the correct type of legality. We will work with you concerning your investments' tax implications, whether they are stocks or bonds, to ensure that you're keeping them in accounts that are most beneficial for you. We will also make suggestions on how you will elect and calculate your gains and losses.

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Individual Tax Services

We don't just prepare seasonal friendly tax services; we are also full-time service providers that offer individual tax services. We will be there anytime you need us for affordable tax solutions. You can ask for a consultation today by calling Dave's Bookkeeping & Tax Service, and our staff will gladly accommodate you. We can help you sort out your IRS compliance needs, reduce tax payments, and accomplish your tax goals. We're full-time convenient tax service suppliers, not only seasonal tax return preparers; therefore, we will be there if you require us. Ask for an appointment right now to talk about exactly how Dave's Bookkeeping & Tax Service can enable you to meet up with IRS compliance needs, reduce tax payments, as well as achieve your tax objectives. Learn more about our convenient tax service and friendly tax services.


Dave's Bookkeeping & Tax Service offers individual tax services and preparation programs for US residents in and out of the country. An expert tax preparer is able to save you cash by finding deductions & credits you are eligible for, while concurrently assisting you in complying with federal and state tax laws. Our affordable tax solutions are developed to support you, your household, as well as your small business, make use of the tax code much more efficiently. The goal of tax preparation is mitigating your tax liabilities while creating a tax-efficient monetary technique for retirement & generating investments. The IRS has formed a few programs that give qualified taxpayers decreased penalties in return for the voluntary disclosure of unreported accounts and income. In case you have undisclosed US or maybe overseas earnings to report, we can enable you to investigate your choices for taking part in programs such as the Streamlined Filing Compliance Procedures or IRS CI Voluntary Disclosure Program.